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Law firmsTraditional Will Writing FirmOnline Template
PriceOnline Will service for RM900 or RM1800.

Premium service for RM4888+

Major discounts when purchasing together as a couple.
Charge per hour or by the value of your assets.

Often includes hidden fees for more options.
ProcessOnline Will service: Create an account, fill in details, and pay, in just 15 minutes.

Premium service: Video call to gather information. Signing and witnessing at an agreed location. The Wills are drafted individually by our Wills specialists. Updates of related documents can be done via our online platform.
Multiple in-person consultations and meetings with lawyers to understand your background.

Multiple back and forth emails to finalize the documents.

Arrange another date to finalize the Wills in the law firm.
Consultation with specialists to understand your background.

Face-to-face meetings and multiple back and forth emails to finalize the documents.

Arrange another date to finalize the Wills in the office.
Conduct heaps of research to understand the process, the laws, the content, and the necessary clauses to achieve what you want, and without any real certainty. Spend extensive amounts of time finding the right template to fill in. Hope for the best!
Time to CompleteOnline Will service: Within 2 working days.

Premium service: Within 7 days.
WeeksWeeksPossibly weeks between researching, finding the right template, and carefully entering the necessary information.
AccuracyOur Will specialists have legal backgrounds and are members of worldwide estate planning societies.

We also specialize in cross border estate planning and can write Wills for numerous jurisdictions.
Most law firms do not specialize in Will writing, and therefore lack the in depth expertise.

They are also restricted from doing cross border estate planning and cannot write Wills for overseas assets.
Many Will writing companies do not have legal backgrounds.There is no certainty that your research is accurate in making the Will legally binding.
UpdatesOnline Will service: Editing membership at $180 per annum with unlimited updates for all documents.

Premium service: Starting from $600 per year.
Physically return to the law firm and pay the original fee of the Will again.Physically return to the Will writing firm and pay the original fee of the Will or the original fee with a small discount.Manually research the correct legal wordings and terms to make your own adjustments and customizations.

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