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Deed of Temporary Guardianship FAQ

What is a temporary guardian?

A temporary guardian is a person you appoint to take care of your underage children on a temporary basis, usually for situations where the permanent guardians live abroad and may need time to collect your children.

What is the difference between a temporary guardian and a permanent guardian?

A temporary guardian takes care of your children on a short term basis, whereas a permanent guardian takes care of your children until they reach adulthood.

Who should I appoint as temporary guardians?

The temporary guardians should be someone based in the same location as your children, and who can look after your children temporarily. They are often your family or close friends.

How long can a temporary guardian look after my children?

As the title mentions, a temporary guardian can only look after your children on a temporary basis. The temporary guardian should only look after your children until the permanent guardians are available to take over the role.

What are the responsibilities of a temporary guardian?

A temporary guardian temporarily takes over the role of the parents until the parents or permanent guardians are available again to assume their responsibilities.

What happens after I complete the Deed of Temporary Guardianship?

After the Deeds are complete, you will need to gather your temporary guardians together with a witness to sign these documents with you. An original will be stored with your temporary guardians and another original with yourselves. Make sure that you keep the contact details of the temporary guardians so that the authorities can contact them if needed.

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