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NobleWills Will Writer - 7 Reasons Not to Use Free Online Will Templates

7 Reasons Not to Use Free Online Will Templates

article6th Jul, 2021
3 min read

"My life is pretty simple... why don't I just find a free Will template online and fill it in myself?"

You may be considering to undertake the arduous task of writing your own Will right now...and certainly, that is an option. But before you dive into the world of googling, we recommend reading through these 7 reasons why you should NOT make your own Will using do-it-yourself template.

1. Time consuming

First you have to find a Will template that fits your specific situation. If you eventually settle on an online template, you will still probably need to do an extensive amount of research to understand the concepts laid out in the Will, the repercussions to your decisions, what clauses need to be included, how it should be written, and more. Our online service is filled with helpful tips, articles, direct online chat and can take as little as 15 minutes to complete.

2. You’ll probably get some things wrong

It is very common for Wills to be contested in courts and any mistakes in the wordings or contents can leave your Will open to misinterpretation. When you complete your Will with us, our Will Specialists take the time to check all the basic information that you have entered, making sure that everything is in order. If we find any mistakes or anything unclear, we will get in touch with you to make the necessary changes.

3. Difficult to keep up to date

You may think you have found a template that fits your current situation in life, but it is quite common for personal lives to go through changes over time. Without a personally targeted service, it could be very troublesome to add, update, and remove content from your Will as your personal situation changes. With our online service, our questions and guidance throughout the process completely change as your circumstances in life change. On top of this, our yearly editing service allows you to easily log back in at any time and update the information for your Will.

4. It may not be valid

Each country has their own legal requirements to write a Will, and there are formalities to follow to ensure that your Will becomes a legally binding document. Our online service provides detailed instructions for you to follow to ensure that your Will becomes a legal document.

5. There is no third party record

When you make your own Will using an online template, there will be no group keeping track of your latest version. NobleWills, however, keeps a record of each version of your Will done with us, along with the contents, and date of submission. This way, in the event of confusion or disputes over the latest version of your Will, your executors can reach out to us directly to confirm they have the most up-to-date version. This only applies if your Will is maintained through our service.

6. Complex legal factors

There is a reason why many people still engage a specialist instead of writing their free Will online. Will specialists understand what can be written in a Will and the legal technicalities involved in ensuring that your assets are given to the right people. Our online Will service is created by lawyers who understand the technicalities involved and we have Will Specialists who are readily available to answer any questions that you may have in relation to the process.

7. Estate Planning is not just about the Will

Online free Wills may generate a Will template for you, but they do not offer a comprehensive estate planning service to ensure that you have all the important documents in place. Estate planning involves many other aspects including your Will, Advanced Directive, Enduring/Lasting Power of Attorney, Temporary Guardianship appointments, Letter of Wishes, List of Assets and specialist advice on financial planning, tax and trusts, etc. Our online Will service currently offers the Wills, Letter of Wishes and List of Assets, and we are currently in the process of implementing more documents and partnering with various professionals so our customers can have a one stop service to complete their estate planning with us.

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