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Is NobleWills Online Will Suitable For Me?

guide5th Sep, 2021
2 min read

NobleWills Online Will service is designed for people who are living in Hong Kong or Singapore and would like to make straightforward distributions to their estate.

To determine whether you are suitable to use this online Will, you should consider the following situations.

Where are you domiciled

In general terms, domicile means the country you treat as your long term home and have a substantial connection to. If you regard yourself as being domiciled in Hong Kong or Singapore, then NobleWills can help you write a Will to cover your assets in these respective jurisdictions.

If you are a European citizen, you are subject to the rules of the EU Succession Regulation No. 650/ 2012, and careful consideration must be made before deciding to use our Will.

If you are unsure of where you are domiciled, you should contact us or consult a lawyer or tax advisor from the country where you are a national.

You want the Will to cover country specific assets only

Currently, we only offer a general Will to cover your assets in the jurisdiction of your domicile and your worldwide assets.

You have an existing Will

If you have an existing Will but intend to revoke it and write a new one, then you can use our online Will service. The one that you write with us will then become your new Will and you should destroy the previous one.

If you have an existing Will written in another jurisdiction and would like to have a Will specifically to cover your assets in Hong Kong or Singapore, then our Online Will service is not suitable for you. Our online Will does not specifically cover one jurisdiction, contact us if you need country specific Wills.

You have a complicated estate

The NobleWills online service can only cover straightforward distributions to your estate. If you require any complicated distributions, or have assets abroad or are a citizen from another jurisdiction, then our online Will platform may not be suitable for you, and you should contact us to discuss your situation and speak to our Will specialists.

You are getting ill

If you are terminally ill or have a mental illness or other serious conditions, then we would recommend that you visit a medical practitioner before signing your Will.

If you are unable to sign using a pen, then you should contact us.

You have a Muslim background

Sharia law only allows you to distribute one-third of your estate freely in a Will. NobleWills currently does not offer this and would recommend that you contact a solicitor who is familiar with Sharia law to write a Will for you.

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